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Asociacion Hispanica Aotearoa

Welcome to the Aotearoa Hispanic Association

     la bienvenida a nuestra sociedad Asociacion Hispanica Aotearoa.

                  dedicated to promoting hispanic/latin culture in New Zealand            

In the world today, Spanish speakers are as numerous as native speakers of English.

The largest concentrations are in Spain, Central and Latin America, and the USA.  In travel, culture, trade, cyberspace and sport, the Spanish language is a major player. The Hispanic world is unified by its main official language, but it also represents a rich and complex and mix of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, political and religious practices which in certain regions span centuries of history.

letter of incorporation


AHA Asociacion Hispanica Aotearoa or Aotearoa Hispanic Association is an incorporated society that promotes Latin American and Spanish culture through offering activities and services in Canterbury.

Established on 15th May 2014 the goal of the Aotearoa Hispanic Association /Asociacion Hispanica Aotearoa is to share the spirit and culture of Spanish-speaking countries through language courses, social activities and community outreach.  We do this by offering activities and services in which you can participate

You will find details of what we do on the activities page  and the  learning Spanish page of this web site. You can contact us at aha.canterbury@gmail.com